Minimum Requirements for Safe School Opening:

  • A District-wide Back to School Plan

  • Input from All Families and Teachers

  • Cross Agency Participation

  • Healthy & Safe COVID-19 Proofed Building Air Quality

  • Electrostatic Air Scrubbers in All School & Bus HVAC Systems

  • Strategically Placed Plexiglass Separators

  • Clean Monitored Entry, Egress & Group Management

  • Masks Required & Available for All Staff & Students

  • Testing Upon Demand

  • Procedure for Contact Tracing of Emergent Infections

  • Accountability on All Processes and Procedures

  • Quality Public School Distant Learning Alternatives

  • No Contract, Charter or Private Alternatives!


Below is  link for a downloadable MN Common Grant proposal already begun for a project to set up a Server and Web Site to Open Source COVID-19 response, remediation and recovery technology, gear and supplies such as masks, PPE, shields, ventilators, test kits, to permit community response fulfilling their needs independent of supply chain problems. If you are already affiliated with a 501c3, and want to fill in the blanks, please let us know and we will try to match your interest with the appropriate foundation.