Dear Valued Neighbors,

My name is Ken Shain and I am running to represent you on the Minneapolis School Board in the 4th District as a strong antiracist fighter who believes in free universal public education for all. We need to increase funding for education, set up full service community schools with child care and offer comprehensive services for special needs students, for English and other language learners and make sure all our children learn the things they need to know to be successful tomorrow. With love and respect, I would like to earn your vote on August 11 in the primary election for school board!

You see, for the past 10 years, after a fulfilling career starting, building and managing technology companies while raising 4 children, I have worked for the District as a floating Teacher serving such schools as Wellstone, Heritage, Edison, South and now, most relevantly, the 8 schools in 4th District: Anwatin, Bryn Mawr, Emerson, Kenwood, Jefferson, Whittier, FAIR and Stadium View, where I got to know many students, teachers and administrators over the years. You may already know people who know me from school! Ask your students if they know who Mr. Shain is! In this role, I was fortunate enough to see and learn not only how great your kids are but had a first hand look at all the problems in our District with my own eyes. I believe I have the education, attitude and training to help fix some of them and the humility to know I need your help to give it an honest effort.


That is why I am reaching out to you. As parents, you have the right to expect the best for your child. As taxpayers, you have the right to make sure that your tax dollars are used wisely. As renters you expect the same respect as those with real estate. As citizens, you have the right to expect everyone is treated fairly and justly and generously as possible. Please take the time and visit my website at and see if you agree with the things I believe. If so, perhaps you can let me know the things you believe?


I will be at your service if you give me the chance. Please, vote for Ken Shain for School Board on August 11!


Thank you,

Ken Shain